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Welcome to Environmental Peacebuilding


Environmental peacebuilding integrates natural resource management in conflict prevention, mitigation, resolution, and recovery to build resilience in communities affected by conflict.  Join our growing global community of researchers, practitioners, and decision makers in sharing experiences and lessons from managing natural resources in conflict-affected settings, accessing new research on the topic, and participating in events to support the growing network of professionals active in environmental peacebuilding.





The initiative is producing six edited books (published by Earthscan) that include 150 case studies and other analyses from 60 conflict-affected countries and territories, written by 225 researchers, practitioners, and decision makers from around the world.  The books can be purchased online by clicking the... Read More



High-Value Natural Resources and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: Päivi Lujala, Siri Aas Rustad

Available Now


Assessing and Restoring Natural Resources in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: David Jensen, Steve Lonergan

Available Now


Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: Jon Unruh, Rhodri C. Williams

Available Now


Water and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: Erika Weinthal, Jessica Troell, Mikiyasu Nakayama

Available Now


Livelihoods, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: Helen Young, Lisa Goldman

Coming 2014


Governance, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Editors: Carl Bruch, Carroll Muffett, Sandra S. Nichols

Coming 2015


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Big Spenders: Swiss Trading Companies, African Oil and the Risks of Opacity

Natural Resource Governance Institute, Berne Declaration, SwissAid, 2014

The sale of crude oil by governments and their national oil companies (NOCs) is one of the least scrutinized aspects of oil sector governance. This report is...

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An Analysis of the Negotiations Between the Government of Myanmar and the K...

University of Canterbury, 2014

The ongoing conflict in Myanmar between the government and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) is one of the longest-running in the world. Government negotiators have been able to...

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Regulating Land Grabbing?

Pambazuka News, 2010

Reviled as ‘land grabs’, land investments are increasingly being portrayed by international institutions as fertile ground for "win-win" development schemes. Saturnino Borras Jr and Jennifer Franco caution, however, that "any scheme that guarantees only winners and no...

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Course: Natural Resources Management in Post-conflict Countries (Deadline: ...

24 September 2014


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Finance and Flood: Large Dams as a Flashpoint for Conflict

25 September 2014

Washington, DC

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14th Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Workshop

29 September 2014

Burlingame, California

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Central African Republic: Primate Habituation, Research and Tourism Advisor...

22 September 2014

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Chad: PM Wash

22 September 2014

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South Sudan: WASH Engineer Officer

22 September 2014

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From Conflict to Peacebuilding

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Extractive Industries and Conflict

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Livelihoods, Power and Choice: the Vulnerability of the Northern Rizaygat, ...

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