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HotSpots H2O, April 18: Water and Sanitation Crises Jeopardize Health of Damascus Citizens

18 April 2017 | Kayla Cragg

Water shortages and sewage system failures are compromising the health of millions in Damascus, Syria. According to the UNICEF Representative in Syria, Hanaa Singer, “In Syria, water has been used...

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How Humans Have Fought over—and Weaponized—Water

18 April 2017 | Kelsey Atherton

A timeline of all the reasons we've gone to battle over the H2O. Whether we're poisoning, drowning, or dehydrating our enemies into submission, we humans have long waged war over water. Standing Rock...

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Only Transparency Can Prevent Conflict Minerals from Harming People and Wildlife

18 April 2017 | John Calvelli

There is beauty in the biodiverse wildlife that calls DRC home, including chimpanzees, okapi, and the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla. And there is beauty in the precious metals lying just be...

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Water and the Rise of Insurgencies in the “Arc of Instability”

12 April 2017 | Azua (Zizhan) Luo

Water scarcity has contributed to an “arc of instability” characterized by conflict and displacement that stretches from West Africa to the Middle East, said a panel of experts at the Wilson Cente...

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Enough Project Responds with Serious Concerns about SEC Statements on Conflict Minerals

12 April 2017 | Enough Project

The Enough Project takes serious issue with recent statements by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Acting Chairman Michael Piwowar and the SEC Division of Corporate Finance regarding the SEC...

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Reprehensible SEC Decision on Conflict Minerals Rule Undermines Global Efforts to Source Minerals Responsibly

11 April 2017 | Global Witness

According to Global Witness, SEC Acting Chairman Michael Piwowar and the SEC Division of Corporation Finance’s recent actions questioning enforcement of an important aspect of the Conflict Minerals...

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Conflict Minerals Report No Longer Required? Wait — Not So Fast

10 April 2017 | Dynda A. Thomas

Those hoping for updated SEC guidance that would relieve or reduce companies’ conflict minerals diligence and disclosure obligations for calendar year 2016 got only a fraction of what they wanted. L...

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Ending Wildlife Trafficking Will Help The Fight against Terrorism

8 April 2017 | Emma O’Malley

Illegal wildlife trafficking is one of the lowest profile illegal activities, but is in fact the fourth-largest transnational crime in the world, averaging between $7.8-10 billion in sales per yea...

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Colombia's Fracking Boom Risks Deepening Environmental Conflicts

7 April 2017 | Sebastian Ordoñez Muñoz

A multinational fracking boom has begun in Colombia. New concessions threaten the water supply to the capital city of Bogota.   Information from Colombia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency shows that...

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Why IR Needs the Environment and the Environment Needs IR

7 April 2017 | Jessica F. Green and Thomas N. Hale

The state of the global environment is terrible—and deteriorating. The globalization of industrial production and the consumptive habits of 7 billion people have created the Anthropocene—a geologi...

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