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Colombia's Fracking Boom Risks Deepening Environmental Conflicts

7 April 2017 | Sebastian Ordoñez Muñoz

A multinational fracking boom has begun in Colombia. New concessions threaten the water supply to the capital city of Bogota.   Information from Colombia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency shows that...

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Why IR Needs the Environment and the Environment Needs IR

7 April 2017 | Jessica F. Green and Thomas N. Hale

The state of the global environment is terrible—and deteriorating. The globalization of industrial production and the consumptive habits of 7 billion people have created the Anthropocene—a geologi...

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Successful Colombian Rainforest Project Exposes Problems with Carbon Emissions Trading

6 April 2017 | Bart Crezee

The Chocó-Darién Conservation Corridor, as the community’s REDD+ project is called, is the first REDD+ project to be certified in Colombia. In 2012 it was the first REDD+ project operating on comm...

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"Disaster Foretold" Leaves Hundreds Dead in Colombia, Many of Them Kids

6 April 2017 | Associated Press

People were caught off guard when a devastating flash flood surged through a small city in southern Colombia, but not everyone was surprised. Government agencies, land use experts, and environmental...

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How Advocacy Gave Trump Ammunition on Conflict-Free Minerals

6 April 2017 | Emmanuel Freudenthal

US President Donald Trump has signalled his intention to suspend the world’s first conflict-free minerals law, much to the consternation of advocacy groups and others who argue it is vital for addre...

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Repeal and Replacement of Conflict Minerals Rule 1502 Undermines Peace and Stability in the Congo

4 April 2017 | Lauren Compere

The cell phone in your pocket or laptop you may be reading this on could contain minerals used to fund militia groups and war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The conflict is ongoing and...

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A Survey of the “War on Wildlife”: How Conflict Affects Conservation

3 April 2017 | Bethany N. Bella

Over the last 60 years, more than two-thirds of the world’s remaining biodiversity hotspots have experienced armed conflict. The effects have been myriad, from destruction as a result of military...

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State Department Ventures into Conflict Minerals

29 March 2017 | Cydney S. Posner

Bloomberg BNA is reporting that the State Department has launched a new review of “how best to support responsible sourcing of conflict minerals,” which will continue through April 28. Although i...

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Kidapawan, Climate Change and Conflict

27 March 2017 | Laurence Delina

With another El Niño projected to form this year, one can wonder if policymakers have done proper analyses of the ways in which climate change could contribute to conflicts and security problems in t...

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Myanmar Must Avoid Resource Curse

27 March 2017 | Chan Mya Htwe

It is high time that Myanmar escape from overdependence on natural resource income, analysts have said. “In the long run, Myanmar must escape from resource dependency.  If not, when the country gra...

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